The House of Sommeliers

Maintain spiritual mindfulness
in everything worth doing
by being.

The House of Sommeliers aims to create an environment that goes beyond individual well-being, emphasizing the importance of meaningful healthy connections, relations, love, jubilation, serenity, and overall holistic wellness. This visionary space cultivates a shared journey towards personal wholeness, contributing to a transformative collective and individual experience.

The House of Sommeliers - a Comprehensive Well-Being Haven.

“Life has a roller coaster of gifts that I am choosing to enjoy in its unraveling.”

The House of Sommeliers is a visionary sanctuary curated by Rev Mkali Carole Dansi, exp. also known as the Holistic Sommelier.
The House of Sommeliers stands as a transformative sanctuary dedicated to holistic wellness, offering a collaborative and immersive experience with a diverse array of offerings. Integrating ancient and modern spiritual practices and technology, it provides a manifold range of transformative experiences, including wellness retreats, bodywork, energy work, somatic therapy, education, spiritual coaching, and professional coaching.

Upcoming Events

Nurturing Wellness and Connection with The House of Sommeliers.

Two nights of community ceremony in the Pyrenees Mountain Range

Pyrenees, Spain
17/05/2024 12:00 am

Indulge in the embrace of love at our exclusive couple retreat, nestled in the heart of authentic Portuguese culture and cuisine.

Porto, Portugal
03/11/2024 10:25 am

Retreat Highlights: Vision of Love


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