The House of Sommeliers

Founder, Bio
Rev. Mkali Carole Dansi, exp.

“What if moving was the wrong direction?
Then it would only be wrong, stay still.
The right is always still within you. “

A blended global cultural wisdom approach!

Rev. Mkali Carole Dansi, also known as the Holistic Sommelier, is a ceremonialist, modern mystique, metaphysist, holistic therapist, Soula, and spiritual coach. With a diverse background as a well-traveled African Tribe woman of mixed heritages, she brings a rich and varied expertise to her interactions.

Her knowledge and insights have been cultivated through extensive global explorations, in-depth studies, and cultural exchange, offering a unique approach in guiding individuals on their holistic wellness journeys. Her global experiences involve sharing knowledge with wisdom keepers from various cultures, emphasizing a deep connection with healing as a continuous exploration through ancestral, contempory, and intuitive holistic practices.

Rev. Mkali Carole Dansi’s aim is to assist individuals in remembering, elevating, harmonizing, and radiating more light into the world.