The House of Sommeliers


  • What is the meaning of healing for The House of Sommeliers ?
    In THS ritualistic and intuitive context, healing goes beyond physical well-being. It involves a holistic restoration of balance, addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. It encompasses a process of self-awareness, transformation, and alignment with one's inner self, fostering a sense of wholeness and harmony within the individual.

    Healing in a holistic therapy platform seeks to balance the body, mind, heart and spirit in tandem with conventional medicine, recognizing each person's unique needs and experience. Therapists adapt based on individual medical histories to offer a comprehensive approach to well-being utilizing many modalities.

    Bodywork provides a range of benefits, from physical relaxation to improved circulation and flexibility.

    Energy healing sessions can bring about diverse outcomes, from dramatic shifts to subtle, gradual changes, resulting in heightened energy, increased optimism, and enhanced mental clarity for individuals. Color therapy, or chromotherapy, harnesses the vibrational properties of colors to influence mood and health positively.

    Aromatherapy, on the other hand, involves using natural essential oils to achieve benefits such as stress relief and relaxation, usually administered by trained therapists who select oils based on their healing properties.

    Each session in holistic therapy is personalized, with clients actively participating in the co-creative healing journey. Healing, within the holistic context, centers on overall wellness and well-being, emphasizing awareness, informed choices, and achieving a balance in various aspects of life.

    At THS, the approach diverges from Western medicine, focusing on opening individuals to new possibilities for personal enrichment and sovereignty within a holistic paradigm.

    Optimal wellness is regarded as a journey involving self-discovery, tapping into inner wisdom, and embracing a distinctive approach to life that aligns with individual needs and intentions.
  • What is holistic therapy ?
    Holistic therapy, also known as complementary therapy, addresses the person by balancing the body, mind, and spirit. The aim is to promote harmony within the body, facilitating self-healing. While it complements conventional medicines and treatments, it's crucial to consult with a GP for any health concerns, as holistic therapy doesn't replace medical advice.
  • Can anyone receive holistic therapy ?
    While holistic therapies generally suit most people, some medical conditions may restrict treatment options. Therapists typically engage in discussions about your medical history to tailor sessions, accordingly, offering alternatives or modifications when necessary to ensure a safe and beneficial experience.
  • What are the benefits of bodywork ?
    Bodywork offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from soothing nerves and removing tension to enhancing blood circulation and improving joint flexibility. Additionally, it contributes to better skin condition, increased metabolism, muscle relaxation, reduced water retention, and support for lymphatic drainage. The holistic effects extend to relieving various conditions like headaches, digestive problems, sleep disorders, back pain, stress, and arthritis
  • What are the signs that energy work works ?
    Signs that energy work is effective can vary. In some cases, the results are dramatic, with aches and pains disappearing, fears dissipating, and positive behaviors becoming easier to adopt. These changes may occur suddenly or subtly over time. It's essential to recognize that healing is a collaborative process between one's higher self and Divine Source Energy. Some individuals may be open to immediate miracles, while others may prefer and experience a more gradual integration and transformation on a subconscious level.
  • How will I feel after the energy work session ?
    After an energy work session, individuals often report a range of positive effects. These may include heightened energy levels, an overall sense of well-being, feeling "lighter," increased optimism, greater mental clarity, and an improved ability to accomplish tasks. It's important to note that specific experiences can vary from person to person, reflecting the uniqueness of each individual's response to energy healing.
  • What is color therapy ?
    Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy or colorology, is an alternative medicine that taps into the vibrational powers of Mother Nature. It utilizes the visible spectrum of light and color, as well as the energies of plants and crystals, to positively impact a person's mood and both physical and mental health. The practice aims to enhance happiness and vitality by harmonizing individuals with the healing properties associated with different colors.
  • Why use aromatherapy?
    plant remedies have a rich history of being tried and tested over centuries. With the increasing ecological awareness, there's a renewed interest in natural healing methods. Aromatherapy, one such practice, offers benefits through various methods such as massage, inhalation/vaporizer, compress, or immersion. Trained therapists select pure natural essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, and fruit to address specific ailments. Due to their potency, essential oils should only be used by therapists with proper training in their application.
  • Are all the sessions similar ?
    All sessions are not similar. You are the Co-Creator of your own session, your healing. Each session is designed for you, by you, with a platform to unfold safely. Through the process, you are being taught to be detached and learn how to let go, even if it is something as minute as a ritual.

    Underscoring the individualized and dynamic nature of each therapy session, where the person actively shapes their healing process. The therapist serves as a witness, and the emphasis on change and detachment suggests a nuanced approach to personal growth and well-being.
  • What is Rev. Mkali Carole Dansi’s professional educational background ?
    Rev. Mkali Carole Dansi exp. multidisciplinary educational and personal background as a philosopher, anthropologist, and metaphysician, along with formal training in International Policies and Law, provides a unique perspective. Her focus is on creating self-awareness in observable science, helping construct and deconstruct arguments, and addressing issues beyond established norms.

    The application of her knowledge in different modalities and devotional training showcase a holistic approach to well-being and spirituality, including spiritual coaching, body and skin therapies, gatherings, and ceremonial events.

    Rev. Mkali Carole Dansi has an extensive educational background, holding three postgraduate university diplomas from institutions in Canada and the United States. Her commitment to ongoing education for personal enrichment, along with certifications in various modalities, reflects a dedication to a diverse and continuously evolving skill set. The initiation into multiple paths, traditions, and schools is the demonstration of a comprehensive approach to her growing practice.