The House of Sommeliers

Main House of Sommelier Providers

Elham, “Titi” Axelane

Elham’s diverse role as a Shamanic Musician, Ancestral Voice Technologist, Reiki practitioner, Energy healer, and translator highlights her as a well-rounded student of spirituality. Growing up in a spiritually immersed environment, she serves as both an Earth priestess and an engineer.
Elham is proficient in teaching the art of manifestation. As a Certified Laughing Yoga Therapist and Executive Assistant at The House of Sommeliers, Elham is integral to both behind-the-scenes tech work and front-line responsibilities.

Her tasks range from creating and designing social media elements to developing event programs, protocols, and various technical aspects. Beyond her technological contributions, Elham enriches The House of Sommeliers with her diverse skill set, sharing her gift of curiosity and deep reverence for the sacred by bringing creative ideas to life.

Marissa Romero, R.Y.T

Marissa is CEO, and founder of Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas LLC, is a passionate movement sommelier skilled in various global dance forms. Her dance style combines contact improvisation, embodied dance, ritual movement, and contemporary techniques. Within The House of Sommeliers, Marissa leverages her profound understanding of the mind-body connection to facilitate transformative somatic experiences, aiming to foster unity and self-expression.

“Tonton” Boris

Boris is a unique spiritual and personal development coach, blending his leadership, entrepreneurial background, and family values to guide clients internationally. With an international coaching certification, two successful companies, and extensive experience in talks and workshops, Boris brings a distinctive twist to his coaching approach.

Notably, he co-leads personal coaching sessions at the House of Sommeliers, leveraging his expertise in cigars. The use of tobacco becomes a symbolic element, creating sacred and impactful conversations during consultations, offering clients an aromatic journey to freedom and self-exploration. Boris positions himself as a master guide in this unique and holistic coaching experience.

Jaden Logan, “J”

Jaden Logan, a seasoned professional in drumming and Djembe, serves as a Sacred Ceremonial Space holder and Fashion Stylist. With 19 years of dedicated study under esteemed Masters from Ivory Coast, Mali, Ghana, and Guinea, Jaden aspires to share the profound knowledge, power, and traditional essence of the djembe spirit through his association with The House of Sommeliers.

Associated Providers

Mawa Isā

Mawa Īsa stands as one of the first and only white men to receive in-depth initiations and training with the elder generation of the Yawanawá shamans of the Amazon.
Being among the first and only white individuals to undergo extensive initiations and training with the elder Yawanawá shamans in the Amazon. Mawa Isā resided in the Yawanawa village for over a decade, he learned under the tutelage of the last great Master pajés, Tata, who entrusted Mawa with long-lost knowledge, language, songs, and healing secrets from the pre-contact era.
Pajé Tata guided Mawa Isā through the most rigorous training & dietas for many years, until the day of Tata’s passing.
Mawa possesses a profound understanding of Yawanawa tradition, culture, and ceremonies, a rarity among non-indigenous people.
Renowned for his handcrafted Rapé tobacco medicine and broad knowledge of Amazonian songs, he imparts teachings of Yawanawa Saiti chants through his online school and organizes international retreats for in-depth study.

Mawa is also skilled in and provides the shamanic healing bodywork method of Lo Ban Pai.
Residing now in the enchanting North of Sweden with his family, including wife Anna Maria and daughter Miranda Aurora, Mawa continues to share his rich experiences and wisdom.

Heather Cherry

Heather Cherry is an enthusiastic Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®️ Master Teacher, EFT Practitioner, Diksha Giver, Designer of Reiki infused bead jewelry and a Licensed school teacher.  With 17 years of experience in Energy healing, Heather uses several healing modalities and her intuitive abilities to treat people and animals with compassion and heart centered focus. Other modalities used include essential oils, crystals, Healy Frequency Device, Reiki drumming, meditation and high vibration music.

It is her passion to empower people to facilitate their own healing abilities and connect to Reiki, also known as "the Universal Life Force Energy". She lives in San Diego with her husband of 27 years, their 2 children and affectionate dog “Teddy”.  Heather is a voracious reader, avid crafter, animal-lover, beach and nature enthusiast.

Zarah Aedma

Zarah, a soulful vocalist and songwriter, channels creative expression through songs and sounds, treating them as a form of prayer to deepen connection and spiritual awareness. Zarah’s voice, a powerful force with technical prowess and attunement to the Creator, takes listeners on a retrieval journey, offering catharsis and purpose. Zarah’s playful and loving approach reflects a profound practice in the healing power of art for the soul, as she guides others to embrace their feelings and connect with their spirit. Originally from Canada with Baltic heritage, Zarah now calls México home.