The House of Sommeliers

Yawanawa Saiti Camp Open Community Ceremony

This is a past event

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Join us in two nights of Community Ceremony, led by a lovely special guest, and Mawa Isā accompanied by his humble Yawanawa Saiti Choir Students in the Pyrenees Mountain Range.

The Space, brought to us by Sandra:

“We will stay in a natural sanctuary, where the rivers and mountains embrace a local family from the Pyrenees.

A family of four brothers will open the doors to us in the town of Aguascaldas.

Sandra, Alberto, Laura and Josemari welcome us to the Garden of Eden.

A space that recovers the memory of this Earth, awakening traditions in a unique anchorage.

Space located on the slopes of Turbón, a sacred mountain honored for its nature and its legends about magic.

Where the water springs with medicinal properties and crystal clear water.

A place that makes us feel close to home as it is taken care with a lot of love.

We look forward to see you.”

– Sandra

To reserve your space, please send an email ASAP to [email protected]

Including your Full Name & Intent with joining.