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The Art of Gratitude

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How a Thank you, can affect one on a level that the seeing eye cannot aspire to grab without silently receiving. How a Thank You become A Healing Medicine.

This is the tale of The first time my Soul actually heard and received a Thank You…🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 It was within a circle of planting seeds. On that particular, round I watched a boy transform into a Man. That Man discovered his Manhood in the deep felt Gratitude he had for his Mother, her Role, her Beingness.

As his turn to plant a seed came, he grew silent, speechless, looking at the world with the innocent eyes of a child, unable to express what was so obviously on his God like face – Gratitude….

he was looking at everyone, smiling, in awe..then a calm came over him, he paused, looked at all the Women in attendance, circling with and around him, such astonishment, such Stupéfaction, such Wonder, such Innocence, such Reverence, such Veneration, expressively Painted on his face.

Looking at him on that first moment, made me forget to breath, I was enthralled. When I finally remembered to breath I had to take long deep breaths with pauses in between, to be able to grasp his magnificence and not burst, I needed to breath… Then He finally released my fast pounding heart with his voice -Wow (he said, brushing his fingers all over his face), Thank you…. (Long Pause)Thank you all Birthers, thank you all shapers, thank you all creators, thank you Mother’s, Sisters, Daughter, Thank you!!!! 😭😭😭😭🤩🤩

My Soul heard him, my soul stirred out of its sleep, and my soul cried, the gate opened, the flood washed over the frustrations, the pains, the feminine frustration, the Divine Feminine free itself from the Cinch of Masculine abuse, of Self abuse, it breathed the breath of Love, Immortality and continuity … This Man made eye contact with each one of us, and as his eyes finally rested on mine, he smiled… a knowing Ecstatic grin spread on his face, our mask(s) fell off. Euphoria settled in and we laughed. Such Joyful madness spread, and in his face, i saw the glamor of him, I saw my son, my brother, my father, my grandfather, my lover, my Man..

Then He finally mouthed thank you to my Higher Self, and I reverently bowed to him and so he did.

Thank you… the sharing of gratitude.

I finally turned to the audience, and looked at each of the women in the assembly, the same tears were streaming and coating their Beautiful faces… the Power of Gratitude is the Power of welcoming the Divine voice Into a space of sacredness…

Just like that….millennials of pain got washed off, clean slate… His Soulfelt, Heartfelt, Bodyfelt Thank You, opened a portal of Forgiveness and Acceptance within the Collective. His thank you embodied the voice of all Men. The divine at work🥺, and I got to not only be a witness but also be a participant to this Miracle Wonder and fervent bloom. To Offer gratitude, is to also receive gratitude. An authentic thank you is a golden key to your soul, a successful trauma surgery. When thanking or receiving, look within, and look into the soul of the recipient/giver…pause, breath, receive the medicine that it is. Bathe in the Gratitude, the glow of it coming from above and below.

Don’t just mutter thank you, scream with all the particles of your Being, Thank you, breath in and breath out Thank you. Don’t just say thank you, feel thank you. To express your appreciation for the smallest things, actions, words with sincerety and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it. The Art of Gratitude is the Art of Living, of saying Yes to Self, of healing the Earth, the World. Gratitude recognizes that we deserve to be loved and be showered with gifts, as you Show Gratitude for All, you show gratitude to Yourself, the Divine Within. A prayer of gratitude is your soul singing the glory of the Divine.

Since then, my son has been saying Thank You, Merci, Danke for everything. His little face lights up, his little body hugs and dances his Gratitude,he gets overwhelmed with his outpouring of feelings of Gratitude, Love, unable to contain it he screams his thank you, he strangles with his thank you.

As you Learn how to receive your Gratitudes, You teach other how to give Gratitudes.

Love in a Body of Gratitude is a Soul of Grace.

My Deepest Gratitude🥰🥰🥰🥰🙏💖💖💖

– Rev. Mkali Carole Dansi