The House of Sommeliers

Elham’s diverse role as a Shamanic Musician, Ancestral Voice Technologist, Reiki practitioner, Energy healer, and translator highlights her as a well-rounded student of spirituality. Growing up in a spiritually immersed environment, she serves as both an Earth priestess and an engineer.
Elham is proficient in teaching the art of manifestation. As a Certified Laughing Yoga Therapist and Executive Assistant at The House of Sommeliers, Elham is integral to both behind-the-scenes tech work and front-line responsibilities.

Her tasks range from creating and designing social media elements to developing event programs, protocols, and various technical aspects. Beyond her technological contributions, Elham enriches The House of Sommeliers with her diverse skill set, sharing her gift of curiosity and deep reverence for the sacred by bringing creative ideas to life.