The House of Sommeliers

Heather Cherry is an enthusiastic Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®️ Master Teacher, EFT Practitioner, Diksha Giver, Designer of Reiki infused bead jewelry and a Licensed school teacher.  With 17 years of experience in Energy healing, Heather uses several healing modalities and her intuitive abilities to treat people and animals with compassion and heart centered focus. Other modalities used include essential oils, crystals, Healy Frequency Device, Reiki drumming, meditation and high vibration music.

It is her passion to empower people to facilitate their own healing abilities and connect to Reiki, also known as “the Universal Life Force Energy”. She lives in San Diego with her husband of 27 years, their 2 children and affectionate dog “Teddy”.  Heather is a voracious reader, avid crafter, animal-lover, beach and nature enthusiast.