The House of Sommeliers

Jaden Logan, “J”

Jaden Logan, a seasoned professional in drumming and Djembe, serves as a Sacred Ceremonial Space holder and Fashion Stylist. With 19 years of dedicated study under esteemed Masters from Ivory Coast, Mali, Ghana, and Guinea, Jaden aspires to share the profound knowledge, power, and traditional essence of the djembe spirit through his association with The […]

“Tonton” Boris

Boris is a unique spiritual and personal development coach, blending his leadership, entrepreneurial background, and family values to guide clients internationally. With an international coaching certification, two successful companies, and extensive experience in talks and workshops, Boris brings a distinctive twist to his coaching approach. Notably, he co-leads personal coaching sessions at the House of […]

Marissa Romero, R.Y.T

Marissa is CEO, and founder of Ecstatic Dance Las Vegas LLC, is a passionate movement sommelier skilled in various global dance forms. Her dance style combines contact improvisation, embodied dance, ritual movement, and contemporary techniques. Within The House of Sommeliers, Marissa leverages her profound understanding of the mind-body connection to facilitate transformative somatic experiences, aiming […]

Elham, “Titi” Axelane

Elham’s diverse role as a Shamanic Musician, Ancestral Voice Technologist, Reiki practitioner, Energy healer, and translator highlights her as a well-rounded student of spirituality. Growing up in a spiritually immersed environment, she serves as both an Earth priestess and an engineer.Elham is proficient in teaching the art of manifestation. As a Certified Laughing Yoga Therapist […]