The House of Sommeliers

Heather Cherry

Heather Cherry is an enthusiastic Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®️ Master Teacher, EFT Practitioner, Diksha Giver, Designer of Reiki infused bead jewelry and a Licensed school teacher.  With 17 years of experience in Energy healing, Heather uses several healing modalities and her intuitive abilities to treat people and animals with compassion and heart centered focus. Other […]

Zarah Aedma

Zarah, a soulful vocalist and songwriter, channels creative expression through songs and sounds, treating them as a form of prayer to deepen connection and spiritual awareness. Zarah’s voice, a powerful force with technical prowess and attunement to the Creator, takes listeners on a retrieval journey, offering catharsis and purpose. Zarah’s playful and loving approach reflects […]

Mawa Isā

Mawa Īsa stands as one of the first and only white men to receive in-depth initiations and training with the elder generation of the Yawanawá shamans of the Amazon.Being among the first and only white individuals to undergo extensive initiations and training with the elder Yawanawá shamans in the Amazon. Mawa Isā resided in the […]